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E-marketing from DKRIN will bring your business into the new age of marketing. Our e-marketing service relies on new media strategies and methods that will get your brand recognized online. Advertising is evolving. Is your business keeping pace? DKRIN e-marketing services specializes in integrating new and emerging marketing vehicles into an integrated resource.

Our emarketing services include..

B2B website development strategy is a crucial element to a company's marketing efforts and objectives. For organizations undertaking B2B website development, a number of issues must be addressed upfront. The B2B website usually supports several key roles in the organization's operations.

Key strategic functions for consideration should include...

• Provide greater search engine visibility to B2B customers and prospects who are searching for products and services you can provide
• Deliver custom information to prospects on products and services
• Provide product or service demonstrations online
• Provide success story information to prospects on product and service solutions delivered to similar customers
• Be proactive and engage customers online with B2B email marketing to inform customers of new extension services and products
• Connect customers to departmental and product support
• Consider internet lead generation strategies to provide a steady stream of leads and prospects to the sales channel
• Consider website globalization to provide worldwide marketing support and exposure for global opportunities
• Provide an archive and outlet for news and PR information
• Implement web analytics to provide history of identified web visitors to sales for review and opportunity analysis
• Provide a blog environment for continuing support and dialog with customers

Our approach to B2B website development is to build upon existing valuable content with enhancements to increase visibility. We recommend data capture on web visitors to build a comprehensive viewing record, so when a visitor becomes a prospect, this historical information is available to sales. Converting passive visitors into active prospects will help fill the sales pipeline. Conversion devices such as sign-up incentives, talk-to-an-expert chat options, data-driven dynamic offers, online product demos, blogs, information libraries and online newsletters can be used to gather user information.