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E-mail Marketing is fundamentally a form of direct marketing that is based on and works through the Internet, and attempts to reach as wide an audience as possible through the use of electronic mail so that commercially viable communication can be achieved. It is one of the many services that we offer to our clients at DKRIN. We can help local companies market their Products/Services overseas via direct mail/email marketing through mailing responder list.

Our email marketing services are designed to be effective and efficient so that you can receive maximum exposure. We provide campaigns that are faster, more reliable, more cost-effective and innovative in their impacts. In addition to this, because of our extensive experience and exposure in other areas of IT solutions we have acquired an in-depth knowledge of related aspects like research, planning, managing, implementing, advertising, follow up and search engine optimization. DKRIN also pays attention to things like the target audience and the objective outlined by the client. All these various factors are streamlined into preparing a successful campaign that is grounded in the latest technological options so that you receive premium services in the fields of Direct Email Marketing.