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We understand that each market – and every organization - faces its own unique challenges and opportunities. For over 40 years, DKRIN has built a reputation on quality, response time, depth of knowledge and technical capabilities. A few of our core industries, include:

DKRIN Retail POS Software

In today's challenging retail environment, customers have more choices and purchasing power than ever before. To meet the demands of this increasingly sophisticated market, retailers are seeking advanced POS software designed to enhance the shopping experience, surpass competition, and drive increased revenue and growth. Whether your retail business focuses on retail distribution or retail services, DKRIN retail software can help you overcome the challenges in managing multiple sales channels, innovating the shopping experience, obtaining the right merchandise assortments, and integrating enterprise systems, all while driving profits.

State-of-the-Art POS Software

DKRIN offers the industry's most comprehensive retail software suite, including POS software. Our success is driven by our commitment to delivering the highest quality retail systems, services, and hardware products in the industry.

DKRIN Retail Systems

Whether you operate a small chain of stores or a multinational global enterprise with thousands of stores, DKRIN's retail solutions are designed to help you manage your business productively, profitably, and with an emphasis on achieving a seamless customer shopping experience. DKRIN provides leading point solutions such as point-of-sale, merchandising, and cross-channel order management. DKRIN can also provide an end-to-end integrated suite of solutions to integrate your sales channels, order management, inventory, and other operations for instant access to the right information at the right time.

Retail Solutions for Retail Leaders

DKRIN's retail software solutions (including POS software) are used by thousands of the world's leading retailers to become more profitable, productive, and competitive. DKRIN Retail software is designed to meet the evolving merchandise and service expectations of today's cross-channel shoppers and the business requirements of the most demanding retail environments, with a rapid return on investment, low cost of ownership, and a single point of accountability. DKRIN provides software solutions to specialty and general merchandise retailers in a variety of industries including apparel, footwear, discount, general merchandise, automotive aftermarket, lumber and building materials, nursery, and pharmacy.

POS System and POS Software

POS software, or point of sale software, is the most mission-critical retail store software system deployed by retailers today and is the heart of enhancing the customer's shopping experience, increasing productivity and driving sales. For today's multichannel retailers, ongoing success hinges on having a POS system that can interact seamlessly with other mission critical systems, stores, and sales channels, as well as exchange data with home office systems, to put the right information in the hands of your store associates when they need it.

POS Software to fit your needs

DKRIN POS Software solutions offer a robust POS system and in-store software systems with high ROI applications. Our feature-rich POS system software offers a highly flexible configurator that meets your unique business requirements, including real-time, central lookup comprising CRM , stock locate and order management, return management, and support for mobile applications.

The flexible Appbuilder and Smart clients features also extend retail functions to devices such as kiosks and micro kiosks, enabling retailers to execute retail POS functions such as price checking, stock availability, and even customer-facing shopping basket construction.

DKRIN's Retail Store solutions provide retailers with full-function middleware for data transport and data transformation, such as feature-rich polling that enables retailers to control and prioritize the movement of data between stores and the head office.

POS system to grow your business

DKRIN Retail Store POS software solutions also have a full complement of in-store back office options necessary to efficiently and easily manage retail operations. These back-office applications, which are also accessible from a POS system, give your managers the flexibility to work on inventory, employee maintenance, or other tasks while still monitoring the sales floor.