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The rapid pace of changing technology is putting increasing pressure on telecommunications IT infrastructures to stay ahead of the next potentially disruptive challenge. Not having a complete understanding of how your systems, applications and data interact with organic and partner retail and web services, can be crippling to your organization.

It's important to be fully prepared and know all the necessary steps needed for your next major system overhaul or product and service introduction. It's also important to understand the impact of each change and how it will affect each part of your infrastructure. Testing is a vital part of this type of project, and needs to be well documented. And most important, your new system launch needs to fulfill its internal and external expectations – does it provide the cost savings advertised? Does it provide the expected user experience?

DKRIN Solutions

DKRIN's industry leading solutions are currently deployed in all areas of the Telecom industry. Highlighted below are just a few of the many solutions. This solution set is representative of DKRIN's deep commitment to understanding the telecommunications business in an effort to keep our clients a step ahead of their competition.

New IT Architectures – Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

DKRIN has a full range of services and world-class expertise to drive your SOA program to meet current and future business needs. Our services include: SOA Readiness Assessment, SOA Strategy and Implementation Roadmap, Enterprise Integration using SOA, Legacy Modernization and Migration using SOA. DKRIN is uniquely positioned to aid customers in building and integrating efficient and cost-effective enterprise IT solutions. We have several flexible options for customers to evaluate and, if desired, implemented for their organization.